Don’t try to please everyone:

Marketing is not about trying to attract everyone to your brand. You have a buyer. That buyer is not universal. When you try to please everyone you only dilute your brand message and become disinteresting. People want to be wowed or turned away from a product right away. They want to know if it is for them or not. The people that won’t want your product will turn away and those that stay want to have a great brand experience.

Take your time getting to know your customer. This will not just come out of focus groups and initial research. Your brand will change with time once you see who is coming to your website and who is coming for the trial run. Keep evolving and changing, but never lose your brand identity. Marketing in 2016 is all about a brand experience.


Make sure your brand has a voice

Your brand has something to care about. That should only be one or two key components. If your company is sincerely passionate about small business, make that known. Make that your one thing. If your company loves helping children in Africa with profit based donations. Make that your second thing. Then you are done. You shouldn’t have more then 2 objectives as a brand.

If you go over 2 objectives with your brand, your messaging will get diluted and your consumer will get confused and overwhelmed. Keep it simple. You are one brand that is passionate about 1-2 things.


Be the best that you can be for who you are targeting

Once you have narrowed down your market to a few segments to target, be the best for those people. If you are selling luxury cars to businessmen and women, target those people. Create language around those consumers. Aim to make your brand a staple in that community as a status symbol. Your entire strategy should be based around that target. That kind of focus will get you there quicker.


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