Aimē’s Story

In 2010 Digital Solutions (DS6) created a technology designed to make it easier for us (as an agency) to bring exclusive Digital Marketing insight to our customers. Originally called Insights – our Digital Marketing Intelligence software crawled our customer’s websites to track and show them what their website visitors and competitors were doing on their site. As a point of market differentiation, Insights allows us to bring our clients the right data at the right time. As a consulting agency, DS6 makes data-driven recommendations that truly improve our client’s ROI through our Inbound Advisor program.

In 2016 we improved the user interface and increased our crawler capacity to crawl thousands of websites to collect even more valuable data to show small businesses what their customers and competitors are doing online, how they compare within their industry, and what actionable steps they should take to improve their site health and online visibility.

Our Insights technology became Aimē – an Artificial Intelligence Marketing Engine tool focused on delivering website performance analytics, benchmarking, predictive analysis, and education to empower marketers to make smarter websites. Aimē monitors site health and acts as an online Digital Marketing Strategist to drive visibility, loyalty, and leads that convert.