Get the most vital information needed to create a smarter website in an easy to understand platform that empowers you with the insight you need to take action efficiently and effectively. Aimē helps you drive digital marketing decisions that improve site and content quality, boost traffic, and give you a competitive edge.

Site Health

  • Fix problem areas with Site Health

  • Improve content and drive visibility

  • Give you recommendations on site optimization

Competition Tracking

  • Discover your competition

  • See how you compare

  • Uncover their traffic sources

Lead Tracking

  • See which visitors are new or returning

  • View top traffic pages

  • Engage with converted visitors through lead tracking


  • See where you compare

  • Know where to improve

  • Drive results on your site

Content Grading

  • Optimize content

  • Understand where traffic is going

  • Know how to drive more traffic

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