SEO is a big deal, because SEO is all about making Google love your site. Google is a one of the largest players in online marketing, because Google decides who sees you and who doesn’t see you. These are a few tips that might make Google love you and your site just a little bit more.


Optimize URLs, Titles, and Keywords

Make sure to use all of the space you can for keywords. A blog post is not all the space you have for these keywords. Keywords can go in URLs, Titles of HTML code, and throughout a blog post/new content post. Use all of these spaces! This way you know you are being seen to your full potential.


Create New Content for Freshness

Part of Google’s algorithm is based around this idea of “freshness.” Content in categories like technology, marketing, and news gets old really fast. This information changes rapidly and gets out of date really quickly. So in order for sites in these categories to keep up, they need to post regular updates. This way they can stay fresh instead of letting their site run “stale.”

If you are in a category like history or medieval instruments those categories don’t go “stale” as quickly, but they do need to be updated.


Run Fast Page Speeds

Google is serious when it comes to their page speed. If a site does not load within 2 seconds it drives the consumer to click out of it and find a better site. Google recognizes this and will severely penalize a website with low loading speeds.

A way to possibly speed this up is by condensing your images and lowering image resolution. Sometimes sites load slow due to lots of high res images attempting to load at once.


Register with all Search Engines

Everyone loves to talk about Google because they are the most popular search engine in the world. Although, there are a lot of people that use other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Firefox, and MSN. So make sure that you register your site with all of these search engines. You may be luckier on one of these than you are on Google.


Network and Collaborate

Getting your name out there is a big deal. It is difficult to do from scratch. One of the easiest ways to get in front of new, online audiences is to network and collaborate with other people in and out of your space. Write guest blogs. Guest-star on podcasts. Be cited in someone’s review. All of these ways can get your name out there and give you more notoriety.