3 Steps to Create an Efficient Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

By |January 21st, 2018|

In the world we live in today it is extremely difficult to market to your target audience. People see upwards of 5000 ads per day. This creates a lot of “noise” within the marketplace. We all know the feeling of getting annoyed by pop up ads and having spam emails. It is draining and it [...]

5 Quick Tips For Writing Content [Infographic]

By |December 21st, 2017|

Writing new content for your site is critical when it comes to many components of your site. Google ranks your site partially based on keywords you present in your content as well as your “freshness score” and how often you post “fresh” content on your site. Many companies want to write blogs, news articles, or [...]

SMART Goals for Business (Infographic)

By |November 14th, 2017|

SMART goals Goals are important in business and in life. Goals are meant to push employees to do their best, keep track of revenue, and know how you are growing as a company. Goals need to have rationale behind them in order to set a good tone within your office. Setting goals that are inefficient [...]

3 Small Business Marketing Mistakes [Infographic]

By |September 1st, 2017|

Small businesses tend to have fewer resources when it comes to marketing their brand. This is sad because, small business tends to pack a punch when it comes to a strong brand identity. Where small businesses are usually put at a disadvantage is when it comes to connecting with their consumer. They have difficulty gathering the [...]

Small Businesses Online [Infographic]

By |August 21st, 2017|

SEO is a big deal, because SEO is all about making Google love your site. Google is a one of the largest players in online marketing, because Google decides who sees you and who doesn’t see you. These are a few tips that might make Google love you and your site just a little bit [...]

3 Ways to Expand Your Business’s Online Reach [Infographic]

By |June 17th, 2017|

Expanding your business in the online world is difficult, but necessary in the competitive space we see companies in today. This means businesses need an expansive reach when creating an online presence and to make sure their strategy is efficient and effective. Below are three main categories to focus on when creating an online presence and [...]

Brand Honesty (Infographic)

By |April 11th, 2017|

Don’t try to please everyone: Marketing is not about trying to attract everyone to your brand. You have a buyer. That buyer is not universal. When you try to please everyone you only dilute your brand message and become disinteresting. People want to be wowed or turned away from a product right away. They want [...]

The Art of Change in a Small Business [Infographic]

By |March 21st, 2017|

The Art of Change in Business: Everything changes constantly within a business environment. This is especially true in a small business setting. These changes can be anything from office culture to new strategy changes. No matter what, your business needs to be ready to learn and do better. In our office we like to have [...]